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14th January 2005

__reluctant_sin1:05am: I've run out..

Bloody, sodomising, hair-pulling hell; I'm out of NyQuil.

Hullo, I'm Charles. Fourteen, and loving every drop of my "big fuckin' 'Q,'" as Denis Leary so clearly put it. I take it nightly for sleep problems [Otherwise, I do not sleep at all.], and have slowly become addicted, it would seem. It's my little legal drug-buddy, and everyone knows it; I educate myself in the field of narcotics as much as I can, so I know what to trust. While Diphenhydramine [Sominex] used to do it for me, NyQuil has become my favourite sedative, aside from hospital anesthesia. I walk around while the effect lasts, laughing silently at the numbness in my legs and arms; not a good idea, I know, but walking down a stairwell in such a state is simply wondrous.

I don't chug it, mind you; I'd most likely sleep for four days. A quadruple-dose of Maximum-Strength Sominex proved that it may take quite a bit to hit me hard, but when it happens, I'm gone. I have school and whatnot, so sleeping for so long would only hurt me, no matter how beneficial to my health it is.

Cherry is my flavour of choice, and.. yeah.

Oh, well. I'm new, and this is me; that's all for now.

x~~ Charles.
Current Mood: awake

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20th August 2004

annegirl040611:20pm: I am obsessed.......
It all started when I was in Japan. I was active duty in the Marines. Well we used to get terrible typhoons and when the power went out, we wild out. I say a Navy corpman doped up like never before, like he was on percoset or something. Well with random drug testing, we weren't allowed to share drugs of that sort so we turned to the best over the counter solution to all problems....NyQuil. It was almost every day after work, I indulged in the pills. Then the liquid, then the the pills and the liquid, I WAS LOVIN IT. I got pregnant soon after, I had to quit. 9 months later, I was back in action and so was my NyQuil. You can turn to it for anything. When you day totally sucks, just drink a bottle and wake up tomorrow. Depressed, drink up, you forget it all. It is the best!!!! I am sooooo obsessed.
Current Mood: drunk

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29th July 2004

joecapone4710:39am: He's got the urge.

>JOE: Hi, my name’s Joe…I’ve got a problem. I have an addiction to the drug Nyquil.

<RandomMember1: Man, this is some BULLSHIT!

< RandomMember2: Nyquil is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke. You ever suck dick for Nyquil?

>JOE: No, can’t say that I have…(shrugs shoulders)



Oh yes, there are plenty more clever lines where that came from. Taking the word marijuana and replacing it with Nyquil from a scene in a movie everyone knows. (pats himself on the back) Oh so clever. I mean come on, how many people are inventive enough to do such a thing? …That’s what I thought.


But all sincerity aside, Nyquil is my first…. my last…. my everything. Thank you for always being there buddy (holds bottle tighter). God I could make love to it right now…UGH.


Current Mood: dirty

(pour some nyquil)

cheekiemonkee1:42am: nyquil, darling, you complete me
what could be more sensational than the lethargic buzz one gets after the consumption nyquil?
nothing, is the answer.
absa-fucking-lutely nothing.

do i stand alone?
i think not.

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4th June 2004

xxcemetarygrlxx10:10am: hmmmm
no one seems to be postin in here anymore.
Well I just recently joined and I love nyquil pills but sometimes the best pills are tylenol PM...mmmmmmmmmmm
Current Mood: bouncy

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11th April 2004

layer211:40pm: Target Brand NyQuil
Hello. I am new to this community. My name is Megan and I have been obsessed with NyQuil for several years.

However, I have found one thing out recently. There is a Target brand cold medicine which is a generic form of NyQuil. It has about twice as much of everything in it, costs less, and tastes better.
Current Mood: cheerful

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21st February 2004

falsification_6:17pm: First Post
I am new here.
I have been a nyquil junkie for a couple months.
I personally think it tastes like candy, black liquorish to be exact.

Current Mood: cheerful

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19th February 2004

thecremefilling2:23am: hey, guys!
i just want to say that as a proud nyquil addict i find this community to be very lol.

i'm a college student and took nyquil this afternoon in an effort to eradicate a wicked cold with no remorse. i took a dose of liquid nyquil along with two nyquil capsules. i slept from 12:15 to 5:30. i totally od'd. i don't think i can go to sleep now.

good morning, all.

(pour some nyquil)

31st January 2004

thesunhaspassed12:41pm: nyquil is my best friend
I prefer the liquicaps, am I alone on this one?

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30th July 2003

pemberducky8:58pm: Immoral? Nah.
A little bit of nyquil-enhanced tea is delicious while on the job.
Current Mood: content

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4th June 2003

dreamonastar4:29pm: Am I the only one here who drinks nyquil because of bordem?
Current Mood: bored

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3rd June 2003

ninja_girl1:13am: hi! my name's Kate and i'm a long time NyQuil fan...actually i just took some a few minutes ago. NyQuil has to be one of my closest friends...i <3 it!!!
so yay!
Current Mood: on nyquil

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6th May 2003

dreamonastar7:14pm: This is the most genius thing I've ever seen in my life.

I'm Beth. And I'm addicted to Nyquil.
(you)--->HI BETH

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29th January 2003

ryandreamer12:59am: i think i have become re-addicted.

(1 dose | pour some nyquil)

28th January 2003

gramaraye11:36pm: 'lo
i just joined up. i love NyQuil. i make something when i'm sick i call a "cold cocktail" by mixing equal parts original green NyQuil and Pernod (anise liqueur). Its very green and very liquorice-y and wonderful. then its off to dreamland...

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13th December 2002

machinegirl2:08am: I <3 NyQuil. Cherry and not red death. NyQuil helps me sleep. I just took a swig, and am about to take another one. Am I the only one that swigs NyQuil straight from the bottle? Four days, and my bottle is about half-empty. Poo.

Chloraseptic is good too. Cherry Chloraseptic chasers for my Cherry NyQuil. HEAVEN!

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29th October 2002

mouthforwar3:13am: aah, finally
some people who understand my addiction... better than crack if you ask me...

although as is evidenced by a 3am post... it takes a while for my giant Q to put me out now... so i figured i'd say hi.

(pour some nyquil)

27th October 2002

thenightsky1:18am: I'm In Love!
NyQuil is indeed the greatest thing ever created in the history of the world.

I would just like to say that now as the rather substantial dose that I just took leads me into a coma. Goodnight, kiddies.
Current Mood: drunk

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1st October 2002

ryandreamer1:29pm: 'lets get this party started, im sick of being young'
my idea of a great party:
nyquil (1-3 doses)
hot shower

oh fuck yeahhhhhhhh...

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28th September 2002

ryandreamer10:25am: glassjaw + nyquil = true love
as admnin. of this community, allow me this one opportunity to push my own cause... anyways, what goes good with nyquil? the subtle sounds of glassjaw, of course!!!

as a part of the glassjaw street team, i am supposed to start a little Glassjaw "Refer A Friend" Campaign... how does it work? well, its very very easy.

do you own "worship and tribute" yet?!?!??!

if NO: go to glassjaw.com RIGHT NOW and buy it for JUST 12 BUCKS and get a free glassjaw shirt too. best deal ever? quite possibly. remember to put "dreamingryan@hotmail.com" when asked for who referred you. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

if YES: go to glassjaw.com RIGHT NOW and buy a back-up copy (you never know when yours could get scratched or eaten by a sibling) for JUST 12 BUCKS and get a free glassjaw shirt too. best deal ever? quite possibly. remember to put "dreamingryan@hotmail.com" when asked for who referred you. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

for more on glassjaw: http://www.glassjaw.com/


(pour some nyquil)

26th September 2002

ryandreamer3:12pm: question... what do you all think of the nyquil gel caps vs. the liquid?

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16th September 2002

thenightsky8:10pm: I remember I was sick back in the spring this year, so I reached for the NyQuil as usual. I thought it was sort of funny that I was cured from the sickness in two days, but I had to remain home for two more days just to wear off all the NyQuil I took.

The true definition of a NyQuil hangover, haha.
Current Mood: groggy

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ryandreamer9:48am: as seen in my journal...
w*******113: NO-it is not and DON'T

Auto response from ryan dreamer:
i have a slight cough...
thats good reason to take nyquil, isnt it?

w*******113 signed off at 12:26:45 AM.

hehe... thats my mom

(3 doses | pour some nyquil)

pemberducky1:24am: Boyfriend took the Nyquil away from me!
Something about how only sick people can have it.

What the fuck???!!
Current Mood: confused

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9th September 2002

partigirl2:40am: i stole
from my work
shall sleep
for dayz........
Current Mood: sleepy

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