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He's got the urge.

>JOE: Hi, my name’s Joe…I’ve got a problem. I have an addiction to the drug Nyquil.

<RandomMember1: Man, this is some BULLSHIT!

< RandomMember2: Nyquil is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke. You ever suck dick for Nyquil?

>JOE: No, can’t say that I have…(shrugs shoulders)



Oh yes, there are plenty more clever lines where that came from. Taking the word marijuana and replacing it with Nyquil from a scene in a movie everyone knows. (pats himself on the back) Oh so clever. I mean come on, how many people are inventive enough to do such a thing? …That’s what I thought.


But all sincerity aside, Nyquil is my first…. my last…. my everything. Thank you for always being there buddy (holds bottle tighter). God I could make love to it right now…UGH.


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