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I am obsessed.......

It all started when I was in Japan. I was active duty in the Marines. Well we used to get terrible typhoons and when the power went out, we wild out. I say a Navy corpman doped up like never before, like he was on percoset or something. Well with random drug testing, we weren't allowed to share drugs of that sort so we turned to the best over the counter solution to all problems....NyQuil. It was almost every day after work, I indulged in the pills. Then the liquid, then the the pills and the liquid, I WAS LOVIN IT. I got pregnant soon after, I had to quit. 9 months later, I was back in action and so was my NyQuil. You can turn to it for anything. When you day totally sucks, just drink a bottle and wake up tomorrow. Depressed, drink up, you forget it all. It is the best!!!! I am sooooo obsessed.
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wow annegirl.. your story is truly an inspiration.. you're my supplier of the good stuff.. and i thank you for that..
You sound like my stinking rotten ex, always with the pills, drinking and nyquil.